Tuesday 14 May 2013

Don't stretch yourself too much

Get out of your comfort zone, do something different every day, trust yourself - all have their place. I'm sure a large number of my blogs have encouraged us all to do these more often. There's also many stories here where my lack of trust has been shown to be inaccurate when my personal trainer has said "you can do it", and I've listened to him and not my inner voice that said "no you can't."

Today in yoga was a little different. My knees were hurting and I was really struggling with the sun sequence.
Picture source: londonyogi.com via Alison on Pinterest

My knees felt like they needed oiling. I was wobbling, slow and not really feeling the benefits nor the energy liftingness (sp?) of the sequence.

Sally, our instructor, then gave me some easier options that took the strain off my knees. What a difference that made and not in the way I expected. Instead of feeling like it was easier, less strenuous and therefore less effective it felt the opposite. Suddenly the energy from the ground came up through my legs and I felt stronger and more in control. Such a surprise.

I'm sure that's as applicable in life - instead of choosing the path where we're constantly off balance and unsure why not opt for the more solid path that will enable strength to build for the long term. That certainly feels more sustaining.

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