Saturday 20 April 2013

Perspective shift

I've never really 'got' the question about "will it still matter in 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months and 2 years" because when I'm busy and stressed I don't really know it. So the answer to all those questions is "of course it will still matter - its important." It's only with hindsight that I realise It doesn't matter at all.

We've all been there believing the work we're doing is more important than ANYTHING else. The reason I'm writing this is I saw an entry on Facebook about the first thing many people do before getting up in a morning is check their emails and its the last thing they do before sleeping too. Unless we have an expectant friend, an ill relative or are waiting to hear about a new house, job or relationship then we will know in hindsight we shouldn't be going anywhere near the emails.

I had a week off at Easter and slept most of it. I was reminded of my need for sleep on previous holidays - especially to Australia. I attributed the sleeping then to jet leg but now realise it was the need to stop after all the constant doing and lack of life balance. The body just said ENOUGH.

On both visits to Australia I was away for 2 months. It was before I was so immersed in social media and simply disconnected from my life here and had a holiday. I remember very clearly the perspective shift that took place at week 3. The sudden realisation that I was missing living my life, that all those important activities that had kept me at work till 9 at night and back there by 7 the next morning were not meaningless but also not important too. Certainly not more important than my health, not more important than friends and not more important than laughter.

It struck me then that most of us only take 2 weeks holiday at a time. I just wonder if that ever gives us the time to get back the perspective about what's really important in our life?

Still mulling that one over although I certainly seem to have cut back on all the constant doing since I returned from my holiday - with this being my first blog since before my holiday.

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