Monday 29 April 2013

Dream Believe Achieve

One of the few programmes still on my "must watch" list is Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew. The reason for this is because every week it reminds me of the significant impact getting out of our comfort zones can have and, as Diversity themselves suggest, to "Dream, believe and achieve."

If you've never watched the programme Ashley Banjo and his fellow Diversity street crew take very unlikely groups and secretly teach them a street dance. To then perform the dance in front of their colleagues, friends, family and peers a few weeks later. The group above are six members from Boobs and Brass, an all female brass band, who were in the show last night.

I'm unsure what the average age was of those taking part and in some respects it's irrelevant. Except the dream, believe, achieve came into its own because of the age of those taking part. Like me, many had reached a certain age (or as Ashley (24) said "just like my mum"). It certainly felt like the dreaming and believing had been put on hold due to - age, physical ability and beliefs about themselves. Being pushed out of their comfort zones, and what ever they dreamt was possible, shifted the beliefs they had about themselves. What Ashley and the crew managed to get out of them can never go back into the box and I am sure will have positive repercussions for the rest of their lives.

As a coach I constantly invite people to look at the beliefs that are holding them back. The one area that I am constantly challenged on personally however, by watching this programme or by my personal trainer etc, is my physical ability. I often feel as if my physical ability is fixed and there is nothing to stop the passing of time and its affects on what I can do. What the secret street crew reminds us is that nothing is fixed - everything can improve and it's pushing at the boundaries of our comfort zone, whether that's in mind, body or soul, that has the transformative effect in all areas of our lives.

Today as I reflected on the show I realised it's the act of breaking a fixed belief about yourself in one area that provides the breakthrough in so many other areas of our lives. For me personally that often comes from pushing on the beliefs I have about my physical ability.

Where do you feel stuck, how can you expand your boundaries and who will be the person to shout from the side lines and remind you "You can do it."

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Pushing procurement out of its comfort zone

Picture source: via Alison on Pinterest

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