Monday 2 July 2012

Have you reached a Choice Point in your life?

A labour of love over the weekend pulling together a board of pins that reflected the learning from my attendance at the preview of the Choice Point film with reference to the book written by Harry Massey & David R Hamilton.

There's a great mix of insights from the famous (Richard Brason) to not so famous (Alison Pothier and Brett Moran) and from all around the globe.

It's about many things that resonate with me: being the change, interconnectedness, aligning our purpose, making a difference, listening to our own inner wisdom. The title comes from a quote by Gregg Braden.

"Each time the cycle comes to an end it opens a window of opportunity called a Choice Point" 

The three steps highlighted in both the movie and the book are:

1: Understand your World
Which includes the patterns in our lives that are reflected in nature - observe the trends: the highs, the lows and ups and downs. It's only by understanding the patterns that we can flow with, not against, the river of opportunity. 

2: Align your Purpose
What are you good at, enjoy and have a passion for and how can that be aligned with what is already happening in the world?

3: Be the Change
No use waiting for others - if you want the world to change then you have to change and be the inspiration for others. Even if we only impact one person - that's great - because how can we know the ripples that will spread from that.

More can be found here on the Choice Point Web site and Facebook page. And for those with visual preferences through viewing my Pinterest board.

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Sowing the seeds for change in Purchasing

Choice Point picture Source: via Alison on Pinterest

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