Wednesday 11 September 2019

Uncovering what's hidden

How do you uncover the strategy of the other team?

What activity do you undertake to discover what makes the other team tick?

Which begs the following questions about the other team’s strategy:
  • Is it important?
  • What does that information enable you to do?
  • Will you succeed without it?
  • Will making assumptions work?
  • Do all teams have the same strategy?
  • Does your strategy change based on your understanding of their usual strategy?
The thing is, your mindset is like the other team in this analogy – the strategy it’s using is often unconscious and yet impacts the outcome of your actions. Win, lose or draw in life depends on how well you understand your mindset. What people are discovering on the procurement mindset challenge this week is how much difference bringing into our conscious awareness is having on them moving towards the goals they’ve chosen.

Understanding our mindset is the difference that makes the difference.
You can choose to leave it hidden from view just like an iceberg or bring it into the open so that choices can be made about its efficacy and effectiveness in you achieving the results you want. What will you choose?

Image by Chris Reading from Pixabay

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