Thursday 27 June 2019

"I was able to experience a profound shift"

I’m so much happier as coach than coachee - and yet I have to dip a toe out of my comfort zone and accept that keeping feedback to myself isn’t helping potential clients know what others think of the work I do for them. With that in mind, I’m starting with this fabulous feedback from Mel Sherwood - I can’t think of a better response to a session:

“I was able to experience a profound shift”. The outcome Mel achieved is why I do what I do to support others in releasing the blocks to achieving their goals. Whilst the majority of coaching clients are procurement team members (1:1 or group clinics focusing on behavioural skills) I do also provide one-off intensive coaching days/weekends or a programme of personal coaching for individuals. With a wealth of coaching tools in my LANDSCAPE toolkit there’s always something that will be the difference that makes the difference. Thanks so much to Mel, and thank you for reading.

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