Sunday 19 May 2019


The origins of Landscaping Your Life (LYL) date back to the late 90s when I used gardens as metaphors for supplier management. Whilst I later expanded it to include all of nature’s landscapes to all of our lives we’re going back to LYL’s gardening origins this week.
As Chelsea Flower Show shares the best in garden design this week we're going to be our own garden designers designing aspects of our lives so that we may flourish and share our beauty for all to see 🌸.
Join me daily over on the Landscaping Your Life blog for vlogs, blogs, posts and insights as I visit different landscapes and explore many aspects of landscaping your life, and specifically:
  • Mon 20th: Landscaping your potential
  • Tues 21st: Landscaping your time
  • Wed 22nd: Buzzing with life
  • Thurs 23rd: Landscaping your relationships
  • Fri 24th: Taking a landscaping your life journey
  • Sat 25th: Landscaping your success
I do hope you can join me as I finally allow the Landscaping Your Life seed to germinate, and plant it out into the garden for all to benefit from its insight. 

Alison Smith
Head Gardener
Landscaping Your Life - making life more beautiful

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