Friday 21 April 2017

Dear Procurement, with love from your Soft Skills


Dear Procurement,

Like this iceberg we saw on a recent trip to Greenland there's more to Soft Skills than meets the eye.

To understand more about whether your Soft Skills are hindering or helping you achieving your goals requires you to bring those very skills into your conscious awareness. To help support you in doing this, we've brought together a series of postcards written to you from a selection of your Soft Skills.

For instance your Values and Communication went to the beach and enjoyed reflecting on the different motivations they had for what they did whilst they were there. Rapport went to Buckingham Palace, but as they looked for common ground they ended up sending a picture of the sky! Language went to the Kelpies, and Change Management went on a bit of a busman's holiday, and sent you a picture of a stick in the mud!

We hope you'll agree that, whilst potentially unconventional, they're a very effective means of providing different perspectives to skills that are often taken for granted, ignored or even abused!

We certainly hope you'll enjoy reading what we got up to on our holidays, and what insight we shared with you to help you develop your use of us more fully.


With Love from your Soft Skills

There are examples of the postcards in posts from change management, emotions,
your mental health and learning and development.

Follow the link to a post providing an example of how to use the postcards to develop you or your team's Soft Skills. There's also a top 10 things to remember when communicating post that explores many aspects of these uniquely human skills.

To buy the toolkit containing a selection of postcards for personal use please see the right hand side of the screen, or follow this link where you'll also find out more about them, and about bespoke versions of the Purchasing Coach Soft Skills Toolkit that can be developed to meet organisational or professional needs. (A variant entitled Dear Human Being, with love from your soft skills has been developed and is also available applicable to a wider audience.)

Do get in touch if you're interested in discussing costs and rights to reproduce for organisational use.

There's also a few vlogs that might help give you insight into the different perspective provided by these postcards.

© Alison Smith 2017

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