For 30 years I've worked in Procurement. Whilst my career started traditionally, for the last 17 years the solid procurement foundation has been strengthened as I have developed my soft skills: Influencing, Communication, Facilitation, Training and Coaching, all within the Procurement environment.

In addition to more conventional tools, one point of difference in my skill set is using unconventional tools to remove the blocks procurement face. The unconventional nature of these tools enables us to more easily explore the situations we're facing through the different perspectives they provide.

With that in mind the first of a series of Purchasing Coach Toolkits, using different perspectives to explore key challenges faced by Procurement, is for Soft Skills, and is entitled Dear Procurement, with love from your Soft Skills. Yours for personal use for only £4.99.

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Over my career there's been an increasing understanding of the role Soft Skills can play in procurement outcomes. What has also increased is the level of confusion about what Soft Skills are, what to even call them, and debate about whether they're innate skills we all have, or whether they're things we really do need to develop.

The Purchasing Coach Soft Skills Toolkit has been developed as a series of postcards from your Soft Skills wishing to remind you of the value they can bring to the day to day operations of procurement functions globally. 

The postcards include those from; Language, Communication, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Change Management, Influencing, Creativity, Rapport, Conflict Resolution and so on. These postcards can be used in a variety of ways personally, or as a group, and some suggestions are outlined at the back of the toolkit. There are examples of the postcards in posts from change managementemotions,
your mental health and learning and development.

Follow the link to a post providing an example of how to use the postcards to develop you or your team's Soft Skills. There's also a top 10 things to remember when communicating post that explores many aspects of these uniquely human skills.

A version of this document entitled Dear Human Being, with love from your Soft Skills has been developed for a wider audience, and is available on my Landscaping Your Life blog page here. Further bespoke options available include; client branded toolkits, additional soft skills being added, other procurement or functional skills being added, or to make it applicable to wider number of professions. Postcards, posters and hard copies can also be arranged. To discuss these options further do please call or email.

Training sessions, webinars and coaching can also be arranged using the postcard theme as their base. To discuss further do please get in touch.

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Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Unlocking personal and procurement potential using unconventional tools +44(0)7770 538159 @purchasingcoach

Further Purchasing Coach Toolkits in the series, and due to be published later in the year include:
  • Dear Organisation, with love from Procurement (written as a love letter to the organisation)
  • Dear Procurement, with love from your Suppliers
  • Dear Suppliers, with love from Procurement
  • Dear Procurement, with love from some Unconventional Tools
  • Dear Procurement, with love from your Potential
There's also some vlogs on YouTube to support too.

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