The majority of my 'what' we do, technical process activities, of category management and supplier management work is undertaken via other procurement consultancies - and includes:
  • Category management training and coaching  
  • Supplier management training and coaching
  • Category strategy certification
  • Competency and skills assessment and training needs analysis  
The 'How' we do it behavioural skills' services I offer utilise the Landscaping Your Life toolkit which includes:
  • Language & Stories
  • Analogy & Metaphor
  • NLP & Mindset
  • Drawing & Collage
  • Sub Modalities (best to ask me about this one :-)) 
  • Cards & Games
  • Absurdity & Laughter
  • Patterns & Programmes 
  • Empowerment & Awareness
These tools, supported by my coaching and training qualifications, are brought together as services that include:
  • Behavioural skills training and coaching for procurement teams (1 off or a programme supporting the team over a period of time)
  • Creative and innovative problem solving training and coaching - often using unconventional tools  
  • Vision, strategy and team days using metaphors
  • Language and word audit of your team to uncover the unconscious reasons you're not making progress as quickly as you would like   
  • Landscaping Your Life speaking, workshops and coaching
  • Life and business retreats and coaching (more of a short sharp deep dive to get unstuck and back on track)
If you'd like to explore how I might support your business to move forward and achieve the stretching goals you've set them please do get in touch +44(0)7770 538159

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