Thursday, 20 June 2019

Absurdity: how it can help us find solutions

Absurdity and laughter (turn the sound down first) could be my mission statement - but it is also one of the tools in the LANDSCAPE coaching toolkit, because sometimes it’s the only thing that will shake us out of our current ways of thinking.

If our mind is going round and round...and we’ve no idea how to find a solution, getting a little absurd might help. The theory suggests that absurdity pushes our mind to try to make sense of all the nonsense. As we laugh at the lack of logic it’s as if the laughter breaks the chains tying us to our repetitive thinking. In coaching sessions the absurdity has included: 💥Naming beliefs that will really hinder finding a solution - e.g. only one person in the whole world can do this 💥Different wording of well-known sayings - e.g. can’t hear the wood for the trees, can’t see the mountain for the molehill 💥Different interpretations for someone’s behaviour - e.g. PoTUS is telling them what to do You only have to listen to 'I’m sorry I haven’t a clue' for other ideas for absurdity - singing one song to the tune of another anyone? The aim is to shift the current thinking in order to have more choice going forward about what to do next. Don’t keep doing the same thing & expect a different response - try something different and notice what you notice.

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